Rhubarb's Diary

September 2009 France and some allotment gardening with Gill and Keith
Summer 2009 Cornwall with some special friends
March 2009 A Trip to St Lucia with Will & Sarah  
March 2009 A Trip to the Lakes in the Snow with Gill and Keith  
December 2008 Christmas 2008  
June 2008 The Lake District and Beyond with Gill and Keith  
April 2008 France with Gill and Keith and Friends  
August 2007 The 4 Seasons of Gardening Part 4 - Late Summer  
June 2007 The 4 Seasons of Gardening Part 3 - Summer  
May 2007 A Gourmet Tour of Cornwall  
April 2007 The 4 Seasons of Gardening Part 2 - Spring  
April 2006 Rhubarb Fool (or is that April Fool?)  
December 2006 Helping Wendy celebrate Christmas and New Year  
November 2006 The 4 Seasons of Gardening Part 1 - Autumn/Winter  
October 2006 Rhubarb and Wendy go to the Whitby Gothic Festival  
October 2006 Rhubarb and Alison Watson visit Venice  
September 2006 Rhubarb and Sir Parsley go to China with Wendy and Andrew  
August 2006 Rhubarb visits Wabbs again  
July 2006 Rhubarb takes a trip to the Rural Life Museum  
June 2006 Emma takes Rhubarb to Portugal  
June 2006 Ann and Kim bravely let Rhubarb visit again  
May 2006 Rhubarb and Gill visit the Lake District  
May 2006 Rhubarb and Sue Peters visit Japan  
December 2005 Rhubarb's Maldives Adventure  
October 2005 Wabbs Halloween  
August 2005 Meeting Wendy and Friends  
July 2005 Rhubarb goes to Crete with Jennifer and Amy Hopson  
July 2005 Rhubarb goes looking for the Loch Ness Bunster  
June 2005 Rhubarb accompanies Gill to Normandy  
May 2005 Rhubarb and Gill Osborne visit the Lake District  
May 2005 Rhubarb goes to Spain with Anna Yarnall  
March 2005 Rhubarb visits Ann Fairhall  
November 2004 Rhubarb goes to Arizona  
October 2004 Rhubarb at the Wabbities  
October 2004 Rhubarb visits Debbie Doyle  
October 2004 Rhubarb meets Emma Eames in Bedford  
September 2004 Rhubarb visits Dorset with Astrid Want  
September 2004 Rhubarb holidays in Cornwall with Delia and Jim  
August 2004 Rhubarb visits VFest with Laura  
August 2004 Rhubarb visits Karen at Critter Sitter  
August 2004 Rhubarb visits Emma Dunn in Sussex  
16th July 2004 Rhubarb follows in Sir Parsley's footsteps