Bobtails Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue

Wendy Poulton has drawn a fabulous picture of Rosie, our dog. She can also draw rabbits! Wendy makes a donation to charity for each picture ordered.

RWA The Rabbit Welfare Association

Sir Parsley and Rhubarb rabbits are the Bobtails roving ambassadors, raising funds as they go. Photos of their travels can been seen in their own online diaries.

Learning About Animals run some fabulous educational courses about animal behaviour.

Bunnies Barn offers boarding and bonding for bunnies and other small furries in Bristol.

The Refuge is a friendly forum with details of animals needing homes and other animal related information.

You can also help raise funds for Bobtails by saving your used postage stamps. Details of what to do and where to send them are here:- Stamps